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Curriculum Policies

Please see the subject areas for curriculum overviews on the links below:
If you have any queries regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact either the school office or your child's class teacher who will be happy to assist.

Kingshurst Primary School Recovery Curriculum Autumn 2020

We have looked closely at the key concepts children have not covered during lockdown and created detailed recovery plans for the Autumn term to ensure we close any gaps in learning. It is important that the children’s learning can build on solid foundations as they progress and develop through the school. 


For children in the Early Years we have used our baseline information to create an ongoing curriculum that covers the 7 areas of learning from the starting points of the children.


In Nursery, we have a focus on the prime areas of education, including communication and language, personal, social and emotional development, and physical development through stories and rhymes, Jigsaw (PSED), Blast (CaL) and Phonics/RWI (CaL / Literacy) and everyday physical and outdoor opportunities (PD). We also cover the specific areas of learning alongside these opportunities in our curriculum.  


In Reception, we will address any gaps in language, early reading and mathematics, particularly ensuring children’s acquisition of phonic knowledge and extending their vocabulary. This will be implemented through stories and rhymes, Language Link (CaL), RWI Phonics, Blast (CaL) White Rose Maths and the curriculum we provide alongside this to support children's learning across the 7 areas. 


Children in the Early Years have access to the outdoors on a daily basis and regular Forest School Sessions.

Curriculum Jigsaws by Year Group

'Creating a calm and positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected'

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