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Kingshurst Primary School

Examples of support in school

What specific resources does our school offer?

A wide range of support and interventions are available. We look at your child's specific needs and then decide on the best way to support them. Here are some examples:


Cognition and Learning

  • Literacy:
    • 1:1 reading

    • Read Write Inc phonics programme - individual and small group

    • Precision Teaching - individual

    • Write from the Start - individual fine motor skills

    • Pre-Teaching Vocabulary - individual vocabulary, speaking and listening focus

    • Shine Reading Intervention

    • Language Link

    • Colourful Semantics - aimed at building grammar and developing vocabulary

    • BLAST - boosts language skills and talking

  • Maths:
    • Shine Maths - small group programme

    • Power of 2 - individual concept development

    • Numicon - individual and small group place value and concept development


Social, Emotional and Mental Health

  • Social Stories and games with a learning mentor - small group support 

  • Therapeutic Stories - individual and small group, dealing with anxieties

  • Zones of regulation - individual nurture work with key worker

  • Meet and Greet - individual, for when coming to school is hard

  • Working with Parents - support for parenting and dealing with challenging behaviour

  • Play therapy - individual


Communication and Interaction

  • Visual Support - timetables and ‘now and next’ cards to help structure the day

  • Photo books - to help plan for change and transition times

  • Pre-Teach - to reduce anxiety in new situations or teach vocabulary to aid participation

  • Social Stories - individually written personalised stories to help social understanding and eliminate unwanted behaviour


Sensory and Physical

  • Outside access - different sensory needs

  • Alternatives to written formats - ICT and Scribe (individual IPADS)

  • Forest School - small group work


'Creating a calm and positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected'

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