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Kingshurst Primary School

Key Stage 2

  • Measuring and comparing heights e.g. thinking about how much taller/smaller people are in the family.
  • Counting and recording objects in the environment e.g. car number plates, models, colours.
  • Weighing ingredients in the kitchen. Adapting recipes for different numbers of people and reading the temperature and time in recipes.
  • Budgeting with pocket money. How much more will they need, how much will be left?
  • Weighing fruit and vegetables when shopping. Thinking about the relative value of different brands of objects by comparing weight to price e.g. half price, 10% off, buy one get one free.
  • Using a compass/map for directions, drawing maps for favourite routes; thinking about the position of countries in relation to each other on a world map.

In KS2, we introduce some tricky vocabulary, many of these words will be new to the children. Some of these may feature in homework tasks so please use our glossary to support children in understanding the meaning of any words they get stuck on.

'Creating a calm and positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected'

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