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Self Isolation Information Summer 2021

This page contains useful information if you have a child who is required to self-isolate. The majority of the class will still be in school at this time, this means your child’s teacher will be teaching pupils in school. To enable your child to continue their learning, we will provide them with work they can complete at home. We recognise that members of your household may be unwell so please do not worry if it is difficult to do all the tasks – your child can just do what they can.


An isolation pack of work is available from school for you to collect from the first day of isolation, this contains Maths and English work linked to your child’s year group. If it isn’t possible for you to collect, we can arrange to send it to you.

Tasks will be assigned using our school subscription sites. Work set will be matched to your child’s individual needs. All children have individual logins for these sites, please contact your child’s teacher via classdojo if you need any passwords or logins resending. There is information below specific to each year group which also includes a schedule of online lessons linked to their Curriculum. If a whole class is required to self-isolate, we will provide work in the same way as previous closures using Microsoft SWAY.


If you do not have access to a device at home, the school can loan you a device to use during the self-isolation period. Please let us know if this is the case – we will organise for you to have use of a tablet to access online work and you will be required to sign a loan agreement. Devices borrowed must be returned on the first day your child returns to school.

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