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What is MyMaths?

MyMaths is a whole-school subscription service for teaching and learning maths in the classroom and at home. It is written by experienced maths teachers to meet the demands of the UK curriculum.

MyMaths includes:

  • hundreds of homework activities
  • a lesson to match each homework
  • revision ‘booster packs’ which record of all your child’s scores so you can track their progress
  • lots of fun maths games


What will my child be asked to do on MyMaths?

We will use MyMaths for children in school and to support children who are working at home. It will be used to set homework but may also be used for revision or catching up.

The activities that your child is likely to work on at home are:


  • Homework tasks and lessons
  • Online activities
  • Games

How to access MyMaths and login:

To access our school's account children will need to log in at


They will need to use our school log-in details and individual password. All children in Years 1 to 6 have been given the school details and an individual password.

We have put together a detailed parent/carer guide on how to support your child using MyMaths, how to access homework tasks and complete online activities. Please use the link below to access this:

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