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Kingshurst Primary School

Physical Education

Here at Kingshurst Primary School we are committed to the highest quality provision for sports across school.  Our aim is to create a culture where all children see PE as an important part of their life and have high levels of participation in a variety of sporting activities. Our children are aware of the importance of exercise and following a healthy lifestyle and many take part in a variety of after school clubs including netball, football and dance. 


Mr Cox is our Sports Coach who delivers extra sporting activities on top of the children’s weekly PE lessons. Mr Cox’s lessons offer children fun, engaging sessions during their enrichment time and extra curricular clubs. 

All PE lessons are practical and engaging and use a variety of equipment that includes learning and building on new and taught skills, but above all promotes enjoyment and curiosity.

We have been awarded our School Games Gold Mark for extremely high levels of participation in sports competitions across the Borough.


Our children have won many trophies and awards for their sporting achievements which we celebrate in school.

'Creating a calm and positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected'

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