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Inclusion Centre

Welcome to the Inclusion Centre page.

Our inclusion team are here to help and support you and your family at Kingshurst Primary School.


The team consists of the following people:


  Inclusion Manager – Dee Hepburn


Behaviour and Pastoral Manager - Matt McCarthy


  Assistant Inclusion Manager – Jenny Atkins


  Child and Family Support Worker – Amy Killick


  Nurture Assistant – Sandra Burke


  Learning Mentor – Doreen Lee


Learning Mentor - Becky Hall

Zones of Regulation

At our school we have a whole school approach called the zones of Regulation. The zones of regulation is all about identifying our feelings and being able to control them in an acceptable manner. Every class has the four coloured zones up for children to place their names on so that members of staff and their peers can see how they are feeling. Zones of Regulation Interventions are also carried out for those who are struggling to control their feelings and with this added support they can build up a bank of strategies to help them now and in adult life.

For more information on this you can click the link to a video on the introduction to the zones of regulation and see the attached files on the vocabulary used and how the feelings link to the zones.  


Mr. Winkel time: Zones of Regulation Introduction - Bing video

Child and Family Support at Kingshurst Primary School

If you and your family are experiencing difficulties such as Domestic abuse, Substance or Alcohol misuse, financial problems, mental health problems, imprisonment, worries about your child or finding parenting difficult, then we may be able to support you.


Jenny Atkins (Assistant Inclusion Manager) and Amy Killick (Child and Family Support Worker) are here to listen and support you with any difficulties you may be having so that you are not facing them alone. We are here to offer you non-judgemental support and advice to help you and your family move forward.


Jenny works Monday-Wednesday 8.30am-16.30pm and Amy works Wednesday-Friday from 8.30am-16.30pm. We can also be contacted on 0121 788 6510 where we have an answerphone where you can leave us a message.

Although we work in partnership with Children’s Services we are not Social Workers. We are here to help support you to ensure your children have the best start possible. Please get in contact if you need some help and we will be more than happy to offer you an appointment.


Why does school attendance matter?

* Good attendance and punctuality at school beginning from day one, at nursery and reception will mean your 

   child will establish good habits

* By being in school and on time everyday your child will not miss out on important lessons

* Being in School everyday will enable your child to further develop important social skills with other children and 


* Being in school everyday means your child will not miss out on new experiences and activities

* Being in school everyday means your child will develop and sustain friendships





Useful websites

We would love to be able to offer you support in school, but if you find that difficult we have put together a list of useful websites to help you access support from someone.


Help with Domestic abuse


Help with Substance Misuse


Help with Parenting


Help with Housing


Help with finance


Help with Mental Health


Information about Autism


Support for people with a Disability


Help for young carers


For information about the school admissions procedures, please see the Solihull Council website:

'Creating a calm and positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected'

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