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Kingshurst Primary School

Phonics, Reading & Writing

  • We follow a scheme called Read Write Inc Phonics.
  • Children are grouped according to the sounds they know and continue to learn new sounds and develop fluency.
  • The children practise reading and spelling decodable and common exception words.
  • Story books are used to practise reading and teach comprehension skills.
  • The children apply their phonic knowledge, writing and punctuating sentences.
  • Phonic, reading and writing skills are applied across all areas of the curriculum.
  • We have discrete handwriting lessons to further support the children in achieving high standards in their recorded work.




The Phonics Screening Check

•In 2011, the Department for Education introduced National  phonics screening checks for Year 1 pupils.  These checks take place in June.

•The phonics screening check is a quick and easy check of your child’s phonics knowledge. It helps your school confirm whether your child has made the expected progress.

•The screening check looks similar to the one on here, your child will be asked to read words to an adult. They can segment and blend to help them.

Please click the link below for detailed information on Phonics & Reading, including information and guidance for supporting your child at home. 

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