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Writing at Kingshurst Primary School

Our Vision

Our vision at Kingshurst Primary School is to give every child the opportunity to become a writer and be excited by writing. We believe that high expectations and encouragement will create a confident and capable writer. We want our children to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. We believe it is important for all children to be exposed to quality writing texts and given the time to reflect upon their writing and the writing of others. Children at Kingshurst will develop the tools they need to become a proficient writer and develop a genuine love of Writing. 

What does Writing look like at Kingshurst Primary School?
Writing for Purpose

Writing Always Skills


Writing is an essential skill that will benefit every pupil throughout their life. It is a critical skill that equips children with the ability to communicate in numerous ways

There are many skills that children will be taught during each year linked to their writing. At Kingshurst, we use the Writing Always Skills which we have identified as being the essential minimum requirements your child must meet to enable them to continue to make progress the following year. These are set out in the following document. 

At Kingshurst Primary School, we encourage children to take pride in their writing, whilst nurturing creativity and building confidence. 


As a school, we develop writing through four purposes. These are:

  • writing to entertain;
  • writing to inform;
  • writing to persuade;
  • writing to discuss.
For more information about the four text types and how they are covered by each year group, click on the document below.



Writing Units Overview

Writing Policy

'Creating a calm and positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected'

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