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Books that promote and support Maths

Children love stories; they are used to spark their interest in writing so why not use them to promote their understanding and love of Maths as well?

It important to develop a child’s capacity to act as mathematicians from an early age. To help nurture this development it is important to ask children to;


Describe – What can you see? What can you say?

Explore – What do you think?

Invent – What are you going to try now?

Experiment – I wonder if…?

Recognise patterns – Can you see what comes next?

Conjecture – I wonder what would happen if…?

Guess – Do you have any idea whether…?

Visualise – What would you see if…?


Below are lists of books which promote maths, they have been organised into the different phase groups. Some of the books have a specific mathematical theme running through them; but for some of the books the maths is not immediately obvious. We do have many of these books in school but you may wish to buy some of these to share at home – they would make great Christmas or birthday gifts!

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