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Here at Kingshurst, we aim to develop a set of skills, knowledge and understanding in our geography curriculum, through children actively taking part in their learning through purposeful, relevant and hands on opportunities, experiences and exposure to the wider world and by bringing these experiences into the classroom. The curriculum starts with the children’s prior knowledge and experiences and builds on that through enquiry led learning.  The content of lessons reflects the children's own interests in order to develop a love of learning about the world around them. 

Our Curriculum

Geographical work undertaken within the school has been carefully organised to provide breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding as well as developing skills. The development throughout each phase builds on children’s previous work.


Foundation Stage

In the Nursery and Reception classes Geography is taught as an integral part of topic work covered during the year. In the Foundation Stage Geography is about the children having the opportunities to find out and learn about the world they live in. The Geography side of the children’s work is related to the Knowledge and Understanding of the World objectives set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


Key Stages 1 

At Key Stage 1, Geography is about developing knowledge, skills and understanding relating to the children’s own environment and the people who live there and developing an awareness of the wider world through cross-curricular topics.  The children will learn where our school is in the world and the geographical features of our surroundings. They will focus on small localities, comparing our own to two different localities in Kenya (including that of our partner school - Joyland Prime Academy).


Key Stages 2

At Key Stage 2, Geography is about developing knowledge, skills and understanding relating to the human and physical geography of places, the location of places whilst developing an understanding of cultural diversity.  They will work at different scales in the United Kingdom and overseas to develop an appreciation of how places relate to each other and the wider world.  The children learn about the human and physical features of regions within the UK and compare these to regions in Europe such as Campania in Italy, The Western United States and the Amazon rainforest and Andes Mountains of South America. 

The International Schools Award

In 2019, we were awarded the International Schools Award for our commitment to providing opportunities for children to learn about the wider world and engage in projects with schools in other countries. Through the British Council, we are partnered with Joyland Prime Academy, a school for primary aged children in Mombasa, Kenya.  At Kingshurst we engage in joint projects and write to the children, sharing information about life in Kingshurst whilst finding out, through their replies and photographs, what life is like for the children in Mombasa.


The Recovery Curriculum

'Creating a calm and positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected'

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