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Reading and the EYFS


Please see our school Reading and Phonics page on the link below. Our parent page you will find helpful videos and advice for supporting your child's reading and phonics at home. 


Reading Incentive Scheme: RED TED


The Red Ted reward system has been designed to encourage our younger children to read at home and is centred around a teddy called RED TED, because we want children to Read Every Day and Talk Every Day. The scheme is for all the children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3.


How does it work?

The schemes are very simple. All children have to do is read at home and have their Reading Record filled in and signed by an adult.


For younger children we ask the children to read their school reading book. We recognise the importance of all reading experiences, like bedtime stories, but for the purpose of our scheme we will reward when children read their school reading book. We expect this reading will take place with an adult as the children will still need lots of support.


The reading record will be checked regularly to see how many times it has been filled in and signed. It will then be stamped each time home reading is seen (only one stamp will be given for each day even if the book has been read more than once). When they have enough stamps the children will earn their first reward. They can then start working towards their next reward.


Please support us with ensuring your child/ren is read with / to every day at home.

Help your child at home with these RWI flashcards

Handwriting information for RWI is on the writing page

Parent video: Why read to your child?

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