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Kingshurst Primary School

ClassDojo for Parents

Millions of families world-wide use ClassDojo to have a window into their child’s day at school. Parents with ClassDojo accounts can see Class Story and School Story (all of your classroom and school photos and announcements), feedback, and their child’s individual Portfolio of Activities.


You will receive an invite to join ClassDojo from your child's class teacher. If you have any problems with this please contact the school.

How families log in to ClassDojo 🔑

Logging in: a tutorial for families. In this video, you'll learn how families go from a code or email invite to getting all set up with ClassDojo on the web ...

How families can post to their student's Portfolio 🗂

Portfolios Overview: a tutorial for families. In this video, families will learn how to toggle between their own account and their student's account to post ...

How students post to their Portfolio on ClassDojo 🗂

Portfolios Overview: a tutorial for students. In this short video, students will learn how to view what Activities have been assigned to them, how to respond...

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