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At Kingshurst Primary School we have high expectations of all our children, encouraging them always to do their best regardless of their gender, ethnicity, additional needs or beliefs.

Our hope is that every child leaves our school with a strong set of moral and ethical values, an inquisitive mind, and high expectations of themselves, self-confidence and a healthy outlook.


Our core school values lie at the heart of our school and help shape everything we do. Carefully chosen by all stakeholders in our school, we work hard to live by our school values every day. Our values have been incorporated into our school logo.

At Kingshurst, we know that the ability to cope in spite of setbacks is one of the most valuable life skills that will serve our children well at all stages of their education and future lives. We teach our children that resilience is about perseverance and self-belief in the face of challenges. We encourage them to take risks and understand the value of making mistakes.

We want every child to aspire to greatness and feel confident in their ability to do so. Kingshurst Primary School is committed to providing the opportunities, support and guidance to enable all our children to reach for the stars.  

We want every child to have self-respect, respect for each other and for our school environment. This value pervades everything that we do and makes us stronger as a community.  

We have explored our core values in depth during our assemblies. You can view these below:  

Values assembly - Aspiration.mp4

Still image for this video

Results of our Parent/Carers Survery - March 2023

At Kingshurst, we are proud to be recognised as a Healthy School

'Creating a calm and positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected'

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