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Kingshurst Primary School

Art and Design

Statement of Intent

At Kingshurst Primary School, it is our belief that our children can become confident and develop their creative, technical and practical skills through Art & DT.


Art & design embody the highest form of human creativity. It is our belief that Art is a journey where teaching will instill in pupils an appreciation of beauty and an awareness of how creativity depends on technical mastery.

Our children will learn how to draw, paint and sculpt as well as design and create aesthetically pleasing objects in two and three dimensions. Our children will learn about the achievements of great artists and designers from the past and present. Our children will also learn that every creation is unique.


Design and Technology is an inspiring, practical subject that has links to all areas of the curriculum. At Kingshurst we encourage and enable our children to solve real life problems and gather creative, technical and practical skills which they will take forward with them into the wider world. Design and Technology encourages resourcefulness, innovation and critical understanding. At Kingshurst, we are committed to building upon prior learning and enabling our children to demonstrate a deep understanding of each topic that they can develop over time.


We use the 'Kapow' Scheme of work for both Art and Design & Technology: knowledge organisers for each year group can be found below.


Recovery Curriculum Autumn

'Creating a calm and positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected'

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